Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The american ASME codes and the European PED

read here for the alternative CE -PED

read also
[PDF] Pressure Equipment Standards & European Legislation
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Simple Pressure vessels directive

Simple Pressure Vessels: Guidance note on UK regulations

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

how to become ASME certified?

step 1
Purchase relevant BPVC Code Books, e.g Section VIII Div 1

step 2
design and develop the QC Manual in accordance with Appendix 10

The QC System must cover Design Calculations, Material Control System, Purchasing, Welding processes, Calibration,QC and Testing

step 3
Recruit or appoint a Design Consultant (Manager) knowledgeable with the relevant codes

step 4
Appoint a Level III certified ASNT registered person for NDE

The above person will train the QC Engineers for NDE

step 6
Contract with ASME approved AIA

step 7
Get the QC Manual and supporting documentation approved by AIA

step 8
Train all the personnel particularly Level II and Level I personnel for the requirements of the QC System and the Code

step 9
carry out a demo job in accordance with the approved QC System

step 10
The AIA will make visits to the establishment to ensure that the demo job is being carried out in accordance with the QC System.

step 11
Carry out suggested Corrective Action if demanded

step 12
Reaudit by AIA if required
if OK now, call ASME personnel for final audit

step 12
Carry out suggested CA if demanded by ASME

step 13
Reaudit if required by ASME

If OK now, ASME U stamp will be issued along with certificate of Approval
Total costs estimate approx 15 Lakhs INR

Once u mark with ASME stamp, the company is liable
If the vessel fails in service for whatever reason/s,

The design, purchasing, manufacturing and testing records will be scrutinized.
You will be sued, even if a slight deviation is traced.

Boiler and pressure vessels code books

Various stamps available

design calculations sheet

NDE Level III Services in India

World wide

Software for design, rating, drafting and costing of ASME® Section VIII pressure vessels and exchangers - Design of pressure vessels
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