Thursday, September 23, 2010

ASME Stamp holders

Dalal Engineering

Welcome to Dalal Engineering !

Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a fifty-year-old company specializing in the field 
of stainless steel fabrication.
Dalal Engineering possesses the capability of manufacturing equipments 
with ASME "U" stamp.
The major product lines include
ASME U Authorization Certificate

Wiped Film Evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporator
The Wiped Film Evaporator is used for concentration, distilling, stripping, dehydration and deodorisation of products which are heat sensitive or viscous.     Read More...

Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory Finishing
The Vibratory Finishing Machines are mass finishing machines, used for deburring, polishing, descaling, and surface improvements on metal and plastic components. These machinesRead More...

Rotary Vacuum Dryers

Rotary Vacuum Dryers
Rotary vacuum dryers offer clean, simple and effective method of drying wet cake, powder and even slurry. Labor and energy costs are minimal compared to tray dryersRead More...

Vibro Energy Separators

Vibro Energy Separators
Vibro Energy Seperators are used for screening and grading of dry powders and screening of slurries. The machine is a proven performer for applications as diverse as...Read More...

Textile EquipmentsTextile Equipments

Dalal Engineering has successfully installed over 1500 textile dyeing machines all over India and abroad in countries such as UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Honduras and Thailand. Dalal Engineering has maintained its position at the
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